More About Jesus

A Bible Study Series to Help You Know Jesus as Your Friend and Saviour

What is a Christian? or It's Who You Know That Matters!
Are You Born Again? or Keep Looking at Your Friend!
Are You Secure? or You Are Part of His Family!
What is Prayer? or Talk to Your Friend!
What is Bible Study? or A Letter From Your Friend!
Why Witness? or Introduce Your Friends!
How Do I Deal With Failure? or Leave It To Your Friend!
Is Jesus Coming Again? or Going Home With Your Friend!
What Happens When You Die? or Awakened by a Friend?
Afraid of Judgment? or The Judge is Your Friend!
Is God's Law Important? or Guidance From Your Friend!
Is the Sabbath Important? or Time With Your Friend!
Baptism? or Saying "I Do" to Your Friend!

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WE PROMISE: We will NOT visit, phone, mail, or otherwise harass you. YOU will initiate any interaction.

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