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To facilitate sharing this lesson with your friends and relatives we are making a download version available free of charge. You may print as many copies as you need as long as you do not change any portion of the lesson or charge any fees for printing, copying, or distribution.

The lessons can be downloaded individually or all in one download. They are in RTF format which is compatible with most word processing programs. If you would like to see an additional format please let us know. Press your browsers back button to return to the lessons when you are done downloading.

To download a file;

  1. Right click the file.
  2. Select the "Save Target As...".
  3. Using Windows Explorer, locate where you saved the file.
  4. Double click to open the file in your word processor.

You should also be able to open the files below inside your browser by clicking on the file. You can then print or save the file on your computer.

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All Lessons all.rtf (512k) all.pdf (350k) all.rtf (505k)
Lesson 1 01Lesson.rtf (42k) 01Lesson.pdf (31k) 01Lesson.rtf (41k)
Lesson 2 02Lesson.rtf (40k) 02Lesson.pdf (32k) 02Lesson.rtf (41k)
Lesson 3 03Lesson.rtf (41k) 03Lesson.pdf (29k) 03Lesson.rtf (39k)
Lesson 4 04Lesson.rtf (45k) 04Lesson.pdf (31k) 04Lesson.rtf (43k)
Lesson 5 05Lesson.rtf (38k) 05Lesson.pdf (30k) 05Lesson.rtf (36k)
Lesson 6 06Lesson.rtf (45k) 06Lesson.pdf (31k) 06Lesson.rtf (38k)
Lesson 7 07Lesson.rtf (37k) 07Lesson.pdf (31k) 07Lesson.rtf (37k)
Lesson 8 08Lesson.rtf (39k) 08Lesson.pdf (33k) 08Lesson.rtf (37k)
Lesson 9 09Lesson.rtf (35k) 09Lesson.pdf (30k) 09Lesson.rtf (36k)
Lesson 10 10Lesson.rtf (45k) 10Lesson.pdf (34k) 10Lesson.rtf (43k)
Lesson 11 11Lesson.rtf (45k) 11Lesson.pdf (34k) 11Lesson.rtf (44k)
Lesson 12 12Lesson.rtf (59k) 12Lesson.pdf (46k) 12Lesson.rtf (57k)
Lesson 13 13Lesson.rtf (46k) 13Lesson.pdf (32k) 13Lesson.rtf (44k)
All Lessons - compressed allrtf.exe (160k) allrtf.exe (160k)


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