He Is The Good News

Jesus3 Plenty of bad news is floating around! In fact, Thoreau had it right when he said, 'I suppose the news for the next hundred years might be fairly accurately written today.' For the most part, as long as people have reported news, it has been depressingly the same. Stories of murder; violence, catastrophe, war, famine, pestilence, promiscuity, abuse, theft and financial ruin scream at us from radio, television and newspapers.

But there is good news! It was first given in Eden when the sorrowful pair were promised that a Deliverer would crush the serpent's head. It was later published in the Good News Letter, (called by some the Holy Bible) and even proclaimed by Angels over Bethlehem's moonlit plain. The good news is really a Person!

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The Pleasure of His Company - He Is The Good News
Copyright 1994, written by Lee Venden